Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You Friends

Since I started my own business officially latter part of September, I have been busy most days. I buried myself with creating beautiful pieces for my clients at the same time engaging with making the business very visible over the net. Overtime I have discovered a lot in my jewelry making skills and have been very excited to carry out new design ideas. I felt like an overhauled engine - with ideas swimming in my mind and an enthusiasm to go for the gold so to speak.

But my dream of getting better at my craft would not be realized without the help of friends.

Thank you so much Alby for believing in my talent. You have been a great source of inspiration and a boost when I have doubts and feel insecure. Looking forward to joining your dream team soon!

Thank you so much dear cousin Meg for inviting me to join you at the IRRI bazaar. I had so much fun and never dreamed of meeting other jewelry artists. My work was so much appreciated and generated a lot of orders. Till our next gig!

I do believe that God gave each and everyone of us special talents, talents we have to tap into and harness. Yet no matter how we utilize our talents, we have to recognize that we cannot do it alone. We need people to help us draw out those gifts. I am so glad to be in the company of people who understands and helps me grow.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

IRRI Bazaar - Update

The bazaar at IRRI hosted by SINop (Society of IRRI Non-Research Professionals) was always well attended. This year's beneficiary is an orphanage also in Los Banos Laguna.

This is my first official solo bazaar for the year. I was invited by a cousin who used to work at IRRI. I had a great time chatting with buyers and mingling with other concessionaires. I met a lot of artist sellers. One seller was showcasing her handmade paper beads, another showed different swarovski crystal jewelry creations, one was selling all pearl accessories, a group of expat wives exhibited their glass bead jewelries, another seller featured her all seed bead jewelry collection. There were a lot of jewelry artist in the show but surprisingly all of us have our own medium to exhibit. I believe there was no air of competition among jewelry artists present. Everyone had their share of ohhs and ahhs. A first among the many shows I have participated in the past. I hope to be in the company of different artists who try to excel in their chosen craft as I am more inspired to do good and improve my own.

The day ended with a bang still, my cousin and I have finished loading our stuff in her car when a few women approached us and requested to see our goods. We gladly opened our boxes again and made sales in the car. How cool was that!

Friday, November 12, 2010

IRRI Bazaar

My collection will be showcased at IRRI on November 17, 2010 for their annual bazaar. Lots of amazing stuff awaits you. I would also like to invite you to be the first to take a peek at what is in store for 2011.

See you there!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Collection: Copper Bracelets

As I have shared with you with my previous posts, I love working with both aluminum and copper wires. Maybe you have observed that they come in pairs. And since I have released my aluminum bracelets about a month ago, you can now enjoy my copper bracelet collection here.

With this collection, I dubbed my hand with a bit of chainmaille, specifically the byzantine chain. Making the byzantine chain took a lot of time and perseverance. It was not an easy task, that is why I was so happy when I was able to finish not only one but two. With the byzantine chains in hand, I also tried my luck with making charms out of beads. I would like to label them as beads with a twist. They brought color, cheerfulness, and gaga to an all copper colored chain. I also played with different crazy designs I could create with copper wire to complete my first ever Copper Bracelet Collection.

Come and visit me at flickr. Enjoy!