Monday, May 2, 2011

"Flores the Mayo" (Flowers of May)

Its May and its flower month once again. The month of May marks the beginning of the rainy season. After a long dry season we can expect rains to begin pouring, with it flowers begin to bloom overnight. And being a Catholic country we celebrate the beneficial rains by praising the Blessed Virgin. Town folk gather the colorful flowers to decorate the Parish Church altars and aisles. They bundle the blooms in exotic arrangements for the many different festivities all together referred to as the "Flores De Mayo" (Flowers of May).

And to signify this Month, flowers will be overflowing in my work station and shared to you as soon as possible. Also, later this month marks my 10th year wedding anniversary - another special occasion for more flowers. Yey!

Time to smell the roses!

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