Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 Collection: Aluminum Bracelets

Finally my 2010 Collection: Aluminum Bracelets are now showcased at flickr. I had a lot of fun working with aluminum wire since it is the second wire medium I fell in love with. Of course the first one being copper wire. Heehee

Since I started beading and joining bazaars I have always been fascinated with charms. And since I love wearing bracelets, I figure, why not include bracelets with charms in my product line. At first, I used to gravitate with metal clay charms and assemble different designs in one bracelet, this style appealed to mostly teenage gals as they themselves choose the charms under the "make your own charm bracelet" scheme I had. Now that I want to concentrate with wire, I discovered that I will be able to awake more of my creative self if I will make my own charm bracelet from scratch. Hence the wonderful journey towards charm bracelet nirvana.

There were a lot of inspirations making the bracelets, but most often than not I get them when I'm watching anything that involves crime and investigation. I do not how and why, but I do. Good thing with this project, as often as I can, I do not and will not replicate anything that I do but with the lovely and lightweight charm bracelets, I could easily do the whole thing in just over 30mins. As I have said earlier, they are lightweight, handmade, made of aluminum wire, easily cleaned (after using clean it with a soft cloth) and very affordable. Didn't I tell you it sells like hotcakes!

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